Email Permissions

In order for our service to function you are required to grant certain Gmail permissions. As part of our Google OAuth 2.0 security Certification, you are clearly asked for this permissions when they are needed for our service to function.

1) Read Permission

At your first Login the service asks for the permission to identify the companies that have reached out to you in the past. We achieve this by matching email senders in your Inbox with the respective companies.

We do not look into the email body or subjects of the emails, only at senders, so all your information is safe.

2) Send Permission

In order to load the deletion request template and send it to the companies you choose, the service asks for the permission to send emails from your email account. This is requested only when you choose to send your first deletion request.

Companies identify you primarily by the email you used to register to their service, so it makes sense that they will only take into consideration deletion requests that are coming from your email address. This is why the deletion requests need to come from your own address.

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